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Christmas at the Hotel

15 January 2013

I have so much to catch up on, it seems the best way to do it is to just start somewhere and go. So, with that in mind I will catch you up on our little family's Christmas in the hotel in Cedar Rapids. Now, we did our big family Christmas celebration in Florida at my brother, Adam's house. However, with having to fly back and forth we knew we weren't going to ship our presents to Karis down there and just didn't make sense. Also, my mom got Karis a couple 'bigger' gifts, so she went ahead and shipped them earlier too.

First up, here was our little tree. It looks like we had so many presents there...but most of those got shipped to Florida. 
And, then she started opening. 
 Dragging around her spoils.  
We got her a Bitty Baby when we were in Chicago, since they have an American Girl there.
She could hardly wait for Daddy to get the baby out of the box. 
She just stood over the box and waited....very patiently too. 
Then finally, the baby was free. 
And Karis was so happy! 
Thanks Daddy! You're the best. 
She also got some play food from her Annie. 
 Then, we brought out her new shopping cart that Annie got for her. (Hence, the food.) 
Karis may or may not have been on the phone at this point. :)  
 She immediately put the baby in the cart and started going back and forth.  
And back and forth some more. 
 Of course, there was a pit stop for some of her new pretend orange juice. Pushing a shopping cart is a lot of work! 
I don't think I ever blogged about the felt Christmas tree I made for Karis to play with this year. I won't spend too much time on it, but thought it should make an appearance. (This is one of Karis' new poses if she sees the camera out.) 
 I saved it and we will probably put it up again next year. She definitely played with it, but may like it even more when she's a bit older. It was ridiculously easy and SO cheap. All I had to buy was the dark green felt, since I had the others and that cost less than $2.  
 That was a quick wrap-up of our small Cedar Rapids Christmas.  

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