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31 December 2012

Hello All. There is SO much to catch up on - the last couple of weeks have been jam-packed and full of new and exciting things. I'm currently riding in the back of the van next to Karis on day 3 of our very long road trip from Cedar Rapids, IA to Myrtle Beach, SC. This is the spot of our next assignment with CFA. To say we are excited about this new assignment would be an understatement. We still have close to 3 hours left to drive, and once we get settled, I promise you'll get lots of updates. I've been wanting to post so badly, but life has not afforded me the chance. In the past week alone our family has traveled over 4000 miles!

Karis has been such a trooper, she has done such a great job with some not so great circumstances. I've promised her that after today we won't have to ride in the car for a few days! There have been no meltdowns, and only a few tears at the end of yesterday and today right before lunch. We are incredibly proud of her and SO thankful for her wonderful disposition.

We had a wonderful trip to Winter Springs, FL for Christmas - you'll get a few updates about all the fun we had down there. And, of course, a little finalizing about our time in Cedar Rapids.

I just wanted to touch base, and will be sure to post more VERY soon. It's hard to do much when blogging from my phone. :)

We wish you all a safe and very Happy New Years!!

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