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Anniversary Trip - Take 5: Wisconsin

19 December 2012

**I will warn you now, this post is very picture heavy! There are few things cuter than watching Karis navigate her way through a corn this Mama got a little picture happy.**

We decided to drive home from Chicago by way of Wisconsin. Why, you ask?? Perhaps you're running through geography in your mind and trying to figure out if we had to go through Wisconsin to get back to Cedar Rapids. No, we don't. Here's why: 
1. Why not? 
2. None of us have ever been to Wisconsin before...and the probability of us ever going there is slim to none. 
3. It allowed us to see a different part of the country and experience new things. 
4. Because we can. 

So, after lunch we packed up the car and headed north towards Milwaukee. This was perfect timing for Baby Girl's nap and she actually slept until we got to Madison...which was our destination of choice. We did decide to drive through Milwaukee, basically just to see it. It looks to be a really nice, big city. We did drive right beside Miller Park which is where the Brewers play...that was very cool. I didn't get any pictures of it...but it's huge and very cool. 

Then, we continued on to Madison. We decided to go to a pumpkin patch/corn maze/hay ride place called Schuster's Farm. Thanks Google for this awesome find! 
First up at the Farm...the corn maze. Having lived in North Carolina for years, corn mazes are not new to us. In fact, I was beyond excited to go this one. There is one near us in Cedar Rapids that we were planning to visit, but Schuster's won. We just had no idea how much Karis would love it. I  knew she would like it and definitely have fun...but my goodness, it was a hit!
"Which way now??"
It was an absolutely gorgeous day! 
"Ok guys, I've got this!"
"Hmm...or do I?!?"
"Oh, now I'm getting confused." 
Little Miss Independent. 
Oh, she's having such a blast though!
My little family. This easily ranks in my memories as one of our perfect days. 
Baby Girl hardly wanted to slow down for pictures. 
After much corn maze fun...we headed on over to the hayride, which included a trip out to the pumpkin patch. 
"This day keeps getting better. First corn maze and now a whole patch of pumpkins!"
Karis genuinely believed she could pick up any of the pumpkins. This huge one included. 
Again, working on her dead lift skills. 
She found one that's just the right size! 
"What you talkin' 'bout Willis?" 
One of my most favorite pictures ever of my most favorite people in the world. 
Be still my heart. 
Back on the hayride. 
Keeping in mind that it is late fall and so much of the foliage is dead - Southern Wisconsin is a very pretty place. 
So much fun on the hayride! 
It is such a cute farm! 
Busy, busy. 
This picture was originally gonna get deleted. But chubby little baby fingers are the cutest. Especially when they've got something important to say. 
Oh, how I love this girl! 
Don't you just want to eat her up?! 
I mean, really. (By the way, she was totally working a whole crowd of people at this point!)
If you're ever in/near southern Wisconsin I highly recommend Schuster's Playtime Farm.
So. Much. Fun. 


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