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Chi-Town - Take 3: Navy Pier

05 November 2012

It's still only Saturday afternoon on our big anniversary trip to Chicago. After Baby Girl woke up from her nap (and her mama and daddy too). Let's face it the best part about family trips with a baby is the family nap time. :) We immediately left to head over to Navy Pier. Now, I have heard a lot of people rave about Navy Pier. Personally, I think it's a bit overrated. It would probably be a TON of fun if I was there on a high school or college trip. But, being 30 with a, it was just ok. I'm glad we went, because I had always wanted to go. I would, however, say it was somewhat lackluster for me. 
There were great views of the city though. 
I did give some serious consideration to us riding this ferris wheel, but we opted out.  
 It was still pretty to look at. 
 There was also a Fall/Halloween Festival going on down here on that day. We saw that they had a petting zoo, so we decided to head in that direction. 
There was a really cool sculpture made of a ton of canoes outside of Navy Pier.
 And here we are at the 'petting zoo.'  
 I try to give Karis to chance to pet almost every animal we come in contact with (especially dogs around the hotel) because I don't want her to be afraid of them. Sometimes she's down with it, other times she's totally uninterested. This is an example of her being totally uninterested. 
 I did think the camel was pretty cool though. 
 We decided it was time to run around and play. So that's just what we did...let Baby Girl down for some running and playing. This is her "I'm gonna get you" squat. :)
Spooky, eh?!?
No, she's just silly. 
 Hanging with Daddy. 
 She is such a silly, happy girl. 
 This is about the time she was over the pictures and just wanted to play some more. 
 So while Baby Girl played, Mama and Daddy snapped a pic. 
 She's pretty excited about finding a leaf.  
 Oh, she's cute. 
 After we played for a while we decided to walk to dinner. We loved the way the moon looked as we were walking. See it there?!
We tried to get Chicago pizza that night, but both places we tried had 1.5 and 1.75 hour waits. No, thank you. We ended up going to the Weber Grill Restaurant. It was really good. 

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