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Just Playin' Around

11 October 2012

As Karis is getting a little bit older I am making a concerted effort to use our time together wisely. I consider it, not only a privilege, but a great responsibility to get to teach her about the world. I get to guide her and help her learn; I get to see the world through her eyes, and it's incredible. I want to help cultivate her mind and pique her curiosity. I know that she is only 13 months old, but I love teaching her knew things. We have started to do some things such as Sensory Bins, which I will discuss another day, but today I will share with you about our homemade play dough. 

I found this link on Pinterest and decided to make my own play dough for Karis. So, I did. :) Here are my supplies. 
 And here is my play dough. This recipe is SO easy...and so quick. 
Here is Baby Girl waiting ever so patiently on whatever it is that Mama has in store for the day. 
 Mama, I'm still waiting. 
 Oohh, what is it?
Of course, like everything, first stop is the mouth. 
 And yes, it's gross. Super salty. 
 But, hey, it's kinda fun. 
 She likes the long snakes. 
 It feels funny, Mama. 
 But, I like it. 

Look at this piece! 
 She tried to eat again...still gross. :) 
 Then we decided to move to the floor for a few minutes and continue playing. 
 All in all, the play dough was a success. She definitely tried to eat it with frequency and she's not always sure what to do with it, but I love allowing her the opportunity to explore new textures. We will definitely do it again. 

After the play dough, it was time for lunch...and just because she is the girl of 1000 faces, I thought I'd share some more pics. 
 This is her "What you talkin 'bout Willis?" face. We see this 127 times a day. It's still always hysterical. 
 She's a great eater. This particular day lunch was brown rice and mixed veggies...she loves it! 
 She's a sweet mess. 
 And this girl LOVES to laugh. 
 Oh I could just eat her up! (And something from her lunch that day made her have a faux-Cindy-Crawford-esque mole.) She's a beauty!! 
The question I get 73 times a day by all the perfect strangers that we come across on a daily basis, "Is she always this happy?" 
The answer - yes! 


  1. Seeing all these pictures is the next best thing to being there..... sort of.

  2. she is precious!! hope things are going wonderfully for you guys!!


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