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Fashion Friday: New Fall Top

12 October 2012

My new life as a Stay-at-Hotel-Mom has afforded me the opportunity to do some more sewing for Karis. It's unfortunate that I did such a small amount of sewing for her during her first year of life. I've given myself a lot of grief about that, but I was a full-time mom and worked full-time for most of that year. My maternity leave was all of one week. I actually have a lot of thoughts on the issue, but that's probably another post for another day.

Anyway, I thought each Friday I would reveal one of the outfits I've made for her. So, here is the first top that I sewed after we got to Iowa. I made her some pants before that, but for some reason I'm starting with this instead. 
 I just love that picture of her.
 She's trying to eat a rock. This is something that she attempts daily. 
 Just kidding Mama, I know I'm not supposed to eat that. :) 
 Here you go. 
 My beautiful Baby Girl. 
There she goes. 

Next we took a walk over to the park and snapped a few more pictures. 
I guess we should discuss the actual top for a minute. I was going for a pillowcase-type top. We are currently living in Iowa, and it's been pretty chilly. But, we may or may not continue to stay through the Fall and Winter in colder climates. 
 I didn't want a dress because of these reasons. But, I also wanted her to be able to wear leggings with it, since that's also more comfortable for her to play. 
 I also intentionally made the top bigger to accommodate a shirt underneath. 
This is her, "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?" face.  
 So, there you have it. A new Fall Top for my precious girly.
Oh yes, and she's got the duck lips down.  
 I will say I've been pleasantly surprised by the color here in Iowa. I was afraid it wouldn't be a pretty fall, since I have spent the past 8+ years in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Especially in the Fall. 
 But, Cedar Rapids has been pretty nice as far as color goes. It's also been a good 10-20 degrees cooler than Asheville every day. 
 Oh, how I love this girl. 

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  1. That Willis face may have to be my new screen saver!!! What a doll baby.


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