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Brush 'Em, Brush 'Em, Brush 'Em

10 October 2012

When Karis turned one we started brushing her teeth. We weren't entirely sure how she was going to like say she loves it is definitely an understatement. 
 John got started and Baby Girl was hooked. 
 Pictures really don't show how funny this is, but as you can see...
 ...her Daddy couldn't stop laughing. :) 
 Open wide!
 I love this picture of the two of them. 
Here's to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums for Karis. I wish this last picture wasn't blurry. Gosh, I love those two...they are my whole world. 


  1. LOL! Carter loves "brushing" his teeth too and he is almost one! He holds it in his mouth and pretends to move it around to make it look like how we do it, it's so cute!


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