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A Trip to the Market

05 October 2012

Since we are in a new city, we are always looking for fun and new things to do. As a general rule, I am a big fan of festivals, events, and the like; I also happen to love the Farmer's Market, so when I heard about this HUGE Cedar Rapids Farmer's Market I knew we had to go. It just happened to be the last Market of the year. I only stumbled upon the knowledge of it's existence by hearing about it being the last Market on the news, so I checked it out online and instantly knew it would be fun. Now, I've been to quite a few Farmer's Markets before, but this one by far exceeds anything I've ever seen. It's really a fair or festival...there are over 200 vendors and thousands of people attend the Market. It was a perfect Fall-like day and we set off to Market.
They had incredibly beautiful displays of fruits and vegetables. 
Plus, there was SO much more then just produce. There was meat...
and granola (we got some of the Pumpkin Nut Mix...SO good)...
and lots of live music and entertainment. These guys were a 2-man quasi-version of Stomp? They sounded really good actually, but they were basically just beating buckets and stuff. 
Oh, and did I mention the crafts?!? That was, of course, among my favorite parts. Love it!
We also learned about new kinds of vegetables. Like, who has heard of Kohlrabi before? Not this girl. (It's apparently a broccoli-like-cabbage thing). 
We took home quite a beans, yellow and orange bell peppers, zucchini, granola, corn (hello, we are in Iowa!), a cute fall decoration for my mom, and some cupcakes. We were having some of our hotel friends over that night to cook out and watch the game, so we had dessert. All in all, it was a fun trip...I'm only sad that the Market is over for the year. 

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