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A Trip to the Library

18 October 2012

So, yeah, I've been pretty bad at posting this week. I blame it on actually reading my first 100%-just-for-fun book in a couple years. Last week I officially got a library card and it has been awesome. We've gotten several books for Karis. (It's been wonderful to stray from her small collection of books that we brought to IA). But, I have also gotten to enjoy a good read myself. That combined with John's schedule being different and wonky this week = no blog posts. My apologies.
However, specifically if you're family, the only reason you are here is to see pics of Karis and I'm happy to oblige with that today. This morning we took John to work, then walked over to the library. After that we walked back through the mall (yes, the library is in the mall where John works) and Karis played on some of the games.
So, without further ado, here is my precious girly...
(Oh, I'm writing this from my phone again, so it's just a list of pics from here on out).

1 comment:

  1. She is getting so big!!! Love the one of her sitting at the table :).


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