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Hello from Iowa!

24 September 2012

Hello there...we are in Iowa! John has been here since August 1; Karis and I got here full-time on September 4. We had a quick visit in August, but weren't here full-time yet. So, I apologize emphatically that I have not posted in the past couple of months. If you had a full understanding of all that has been going on in our lives, you would absolutely understand. I will update you over time, but for now I just wanted to send a quick update. I have SO much to tell you about. I will tell you what it's like to live in a hotel (in a city where you know no one and don't have a car), I will share about how I have the INCREDIBLE privilege that I get to be a mama for Karis full-time now (with no out-of-the-house job), I will also highlight some of the big events/fun times we have had over the past few months (we will do a Rewind series).

I know that what you really want is some pictures of the sweet Baby Girl, I am happy to oblige. A little back story on these pics. So, we are currently living in a hotel. This means that we have virtually no child-proofing that we can do around here (with the exception of electric outlet covers). We don't have way to keep the cabinets and drawers shut so that she can't get in them. OH, and to bring you up to speed...Karis started walking the day before she turned 1...she is ALL over the place now. There is no slowing this girl down. Anyway, back to the hotel-life...we have things everywhere in this apartment. The bottom drawer in our bathroom is where I keep my tank tops. This is Karis' FAVORITE drawer to open...and her new FAVORITE activity is to put my tank tops on. She's been doing it for a while now...she's obsessed. She puts the arm holes over her head and runs around thinking she's hot stuff. (She is SO cute!) It started out with 1 shirt at a time, this morning she upped the ante; she has been putting 3 shirts on at a time.
This is her this morning with the 3 tanks on. It's hard to tell it's 3 since 1 is black and 1 is navy.
Here she is a few days ago. She is incredibly happy! If you know my girly, she is incredibly happy just about ALL the time. 
Oh the cuteness!! Can you even stand it?!?!!
And, just in case you think it's a lazy job to be a stay-at-home mom...let me show you what my precious baby did in our bathroom, in just a few minutes, the other day. 
She's standing at the notorious tank top drawer, as you can see she is wearing one. That's a spare roll of toilet paper that she found under the sink. She unwrapped the packaging, then proceeded to unroll it. She also pulled my pajama pants and robe out of the closet. Busy girl. But, OH MY WORD I adore this girl more than I can say...and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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  1. Not sure what the attraction is to tank tops - but she is too adorable!!


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