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Oh, the Places You'll Go

01 July 2012

Before I start (again)...I just spent an hour writing you a lovely blog post, only to have it completely disappear when I went to publish. Ahh! 

My husband no longer lives in Asheville. This is a concept that is quite difficult to wrap my brain around. I have known that this is what we would happen for weeks, but even still, it doesn't make it easier. Today, John set off on the next leg of this journey that we are on with CFA. It's going to be a wild ride, but we are beyond excited about what the future holds. 

The last few days have been a whirlwind for us. We got home from our quick trip to the beach on Wednesday evening. There will be more about the beach in a later post. On Thursday John and I both went to work, then that evening we went to dinner with some dear friends, Judd & Jamie. They have meant so much to us for years, but especially to John, as Judd was his boss at the law firm. It was so nice to have a 'last supper' with them before John left.  
Saturday was John's last day at Chick-fil-A South Asheville. This is so strange to me. He's been gone from the store plenty in the past, when he was at Grand Openings, but this is a whole new kinda different. He's no longer there. 
Saturday night we had some friends over and grilled out. It was very nice to have several sweet friends under our roof, laughing and having fun. What a great last night with John in town.

We have been trying to get together with our great friends, John & Heather, for a while now and it just hasn't worked out. So, we decided that today we would go to their church, in Spartanburg, and visit with them and have lunch, then John would head on down to Atlanta and Karis and I would head back to Asheville. So, that's what we did. But, that meant that our morning was packed full. First thing this morning, when Karis woke up, she joined us for a little family time. I had her give her Daddy his little gift from us. 
Can you even stand how cute she is?!
It wasn't anything big, but it was apropos. 
Oh, the Places WE Will Go!! Let the adventure begin!

Then, we had breakfast. After breakfast John attempted to put a couple of the child-locks on our kitchen cabinets, because sometimes things like this....
or this happen. :) (Notice the culprit is not pictured. She was trying to put all the macaroni in her mouth, so she got swept up quickly.) 
Of course, Karis had to help Daddy. She's very good at inspecting our work. 

"Hey Mama, I'm coming to get you!!"
There is SO much more to catch you up on. It will happen, I promise. This blog is going to be a very busy place, so stay tuned. 

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