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8 Weeks & 2 Months

27 October 2011

I was going to just do a 2-month update, but then realized I hadn't posted any 8 weeks pictures, so I will start with that. Here are a few shots of my sweet thing at 8 weeks (last Friday). There she is. Isn't she just so cute?! (And I finally got my months and weeks signs made, that I've been trying to get done since she was born. Better late than never, I guess.)
So, now on to her 2 month update.
Weight: 14 lbs. (97%)
Height: 23 in. (75%)
Head: 15.5 in (75%)
Yes, we have a big baby girl. She's happy and healthy and that's all that matters. My doctor keeps telling me that breastfed babies are fattest at 2 months and skinniest at 2 years, so we'll see.

We went for her 2 month check-up yesterday and Karis is doing great. The doctor said everything looks really good. We did discuss one issue that I have come to realize that she has, which is reflux. It took me a while to put all the pieces together and figure this out because the major issue that she has with reflux is what they call "Silent Reflux." This means that she spits up, but is then able to swallow it back down. I've read that this is actually worse than babies who have reflux that spit up a lot, because she is getting the burn on her throat on the way up and on the way back down. Poor girl. There are a handful of other things that go along with it, but I'll spare you all the boring (and painful for my baby) details. I really didn't want to put her on medication, but as I sat and watched my girl screaming in pain, I decided it wasn't a better alternative. The doctor completely agreed with my diagnosis of reflux and we got her a medication for the most mild drug that will help and it's a small dose, so I can live with that. She started on it yesterday and today I really could tell that she was feeling better. We did have a kinda rough 30 minutes or so tonight that included a couple of her 'episodes', but the doctor said that we will really notice an improvement by this weekend. I feel terrible that she has been in so much pain and that it took me so long to figure it out. I am so glad to have a solution and look forward to my baby being better. Today really was so much better already, she seemed like her normal happy self, which makes this mama happy.

Some of you know that we were having some issues with Karis getting to sleep at night. She has always been a great sleeper, once she was down at night, but we had a few weeks that were extremely difficult. She would just scream for hours and not settle. Fortunately, we have been making baby steps of improvement in this area. For a couple of weeks we had a new nighttime routine that was definitely better, but still not great. Well, I am pleased to say that for the past 10 days I have been able to get Karis to bed by about 9 each night, with no crying. Hooray! Hopefully this will keep up when her daddy gets home. He's been gone for 3 of the past 4 weeks, so it's just been us girls. In other sleeping news, I'm even happier to tell you that Karis slept through the night last night. Woo hoo! She has actually done this the past few nights, but I didn't think it technically counted, because I was doing her sleep feed so late in the night. Last night, she was asleep at 8:30pm. I went in and gave her a 'sleep feed' at 11:30pm, then at 8am I had to go wake her up so we didn't get too much off schedule for the day. Her typical wake time is 7:30am. Tonight she fell asleep a little later, closer to 9, so we'll see how she does. Either way, she's been doing great. I've only had to feed her once at night for the past 3 weeks or so. One of the issues that comes with reflux is an erratic sleep schedule, so I'm hoping that once her little throat gets a break from all the acid and her stomach settles with this medicine that she will nap a little better. She has been a cat napper the past few weeks. Today she did so good with her naps too.

I think that about covers our update, sorry it's a day late. Yesterday at the doctor Karis got her first vaccinations, which included 3 shots, so she wasn't feeling too hot. It was so sad to hold her while they gave her shots, I'm not looking forward to having to do it again at the next appointment, but she was a brave girl and only cried a little. Me too. :(

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