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10 September 2011

So, I promise that soon and very soon I will get back to regularly updating this blog. I will post a weekly update and also do intermittent updates about things we have done, more pictures, etc. I don't have my most up-t0-date pictures uploaded yet, so I will give you just a little bit and go back to last Friday, when my baby girl turned 1 week old.

Here she is, the sweet thing. :)

Let's see, how about a quick rundown of week 1 of Karis' life. She was born on Friday morning, and we were in the hospital until Sunday around lunchtime. So, on Sunday we brought our sweet girl home...and we were so excited to do so! It was beyond wonderful to finally meet her on August 26, but it was so great to finally be able to take her home and start real life with her.

Her Nana and Grandaddy (John's parents) were here visiting with us the day we came home from the hospital. That evening Annie (my mom) and Tony came down and made us dinner and we just hung out at home. On Monday, Karis got to meet her great-grandmother, Gigi, and great-grandfather, Papa, as well as her great-uncle Casey. I told her how special she is to have her great-grandparents in her life, as many of us never had that honor. That night Nana and Grandaddy headed back to Pensacola.

Tuesday was just our little family, and I was so grateful to have that sweet time of just the three of, John, and our sweet girl. We didn't go anything at all but relax around the house and love on sweet Karis.

On Wednesday, John had to return to work so my mom came and stayed a few days with us. That was also the day of Karis' first doctor's appointment. The doctor couldn't have a better report to give us. Karis had already exceeded her birth weight, which he said has only happened about 5 times in 10 years with his patients. He was very impressed. In fact he thought she looked so good that we didn't even have to go back for her 2-week appointment, we could skip it and just go back at 1 month.

Thursday was a pretty low-key day...we just hung out around the house. We went for a walk around the neighborhood, and that's about it.

Friday, was the day that we got Karis' newborn pictures done. I haven't seen the whole album yet, we will post a link to the website when we have one. But, I did snap the picture above on my phone while we were there. She was such a good girl and look so stankin' cute. I can't wait to see all the pictures. Here is a sneak peek that our photographer put on Facebook. Isn't my girl just so cute?!
So there you have it, week one of Karis' life. Soon we will be more regular and actually up-to-date with posts, but until then I will be playing catch-up.

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