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Something for Karis

24 August 2011

Much like the old saying goes, that the cobbler's children have no shoes...the same has unfortunately been true for my little Karis. I have not really made her much of anything. I did, however, make a few burp cloths in the last few weeks, since we didn't have any.

I am so in love with this font too. (You can tell because I used it so much.) I also just love to see her name written out. :)

I also went ahead and added a little something extra to a couple of bibs. I will be doing a lot more of this, but we won't really need these at first.

That's it for my little girl for now. Oh, I did remember that I stitched her name out on a onesie for the hospital, but I'll wait and show you that when she's wearing it. :)

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