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The Real Nursery Reveal

11 August 2011

Sorry about the tease yesterday. Life is kinda crazy right's kinda par for the course to have to run in the middle of something. But, here you go, as promised. Let's start again with a big shot of the nursery.
And here we are looking straight in from the door towards the window and changing table.
The front view of the changing table. Yes, I totally need to clean that mirror...hello fingerprints. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a new basket that's standing to the right of the changing pad. Even more so in this picture than in person, those pinks really don't go well together. I'd prefer a green basket there, so I shall keep looking.
Here we are on the opposite wall from the changer, where the crib is.
Oh, and a close-up of the name plaque that I painted for Karis.
A better glimpse of the crib bedding. I picked these fabrics a few months ago...and my fabulous mother-in-law made the bumper pads and the crib skirt. So cute, eh?
Here's a peek inside the crib to look at the bedding from that angle...this will be the side that Karis looks at the most during the first part of her life. Such fun colors!
Let's see, what's next. How about a look at the wall art hanging on the long wall of the nursery? This is going to be an evolution of art/hangings. I'm going to add to it and would like it to remain somewhat random. A couple of the things that are framed right now are fillers until we have some actual pictures when she gets here. I may also add or change depending on finding things that I like. This part definitely took me the longest to get I got the frames from Goodwill and painted them all. Big money saver. I'm not sure why I decided that I had to do all the wall art myself. On this side of things I'm glad I did, but it certainly did take some time.
Moving along to the next wall/corner.
This is the short wall where the door is.
Here's a closer look at this wall art that I painted for her. We nailed the canvases together so that they have a 3-D look.
Here's a glimpse at the bookcase. We have a lamp there, but it doesn't currently have a shade. We kept looking for lamps, but finally settled on painting the one we had and I will 'dress up' the shade to go the room. The diaper cake is from my shower. We are planning on using disposable diapers when we bring Karis home from the hospital for the first couple of this was a cute and useful gift.
We took the doors off the closet...they were ugly and were sometimes not super functional. We replaced them with these curtains. I still have some work to do to make the curtains look cuter. I've actually got a few things now, but haven't gotten to doing it yet. Either way, here's a glimpse inside her closet. We totally re-did the closet system. It basically had a rod and a ghetto wooden shelf before. This is so much more functional.
So there you have it, our sweet Karis' room.
For the most part we're finished...just a few details left. What do you think?


  1. Kate, the nursery is simply BEAUTIFUL!!! Love how colorful it is and Karis will love it too. I know you're getting excited for her to get here. We are too. We pray for you and John every day. Thanks for the post.
    Love Aunt Deb

  2. just now looking at it! we had the "ghetto storage" system in caleb's closet too, and just got around to changing it last fall. so much better! :o)


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