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Happy Birthday Addy!

23 August 2011

Again, I'm playing catch-up. In June sweet little Addyson turned 4! She had a Tinkerbell themed birthday party...and I got to make her birthday shirt. She really wanted everyone to know that she was going to be that was the most important element of the shirt. Because it was a Tinkerbell party, the colors were green and purple. So, here is what I came up with for her shirt.

I found a little Tinkerbell online, and I pulled it into my software and digitized the outline of it, to put above the 4. It's just a little something to help tie the theme of the party in to the shirt. I also picked a really curly font for her name, just for fun. Here's a closer look.

I also made Addy another little tee as part of her present. I found this shirt, which is one of my most favorite colors in the's pretty much Terra Cotta. I decided to go with a very simple design, just an appliqued 'a'.

In hindsight I would have used a different fabric for the applique, but the colors matched really well. Usually I really like brown with this terra cotta color...but since Addy's birthday is in the summer, I wanted to do more summer-y colors. So, I went with a white outline and this brighter fabric.

Just a little something I made back in June. :)

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