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38 Weeks & Nursery Reveal

10 August 2011

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 38 Weeks
Size of baby: Watermelon

I totally never planned to go this long without updating the apologies. At first I got super busy with things, then we were out of town quite a bit...then all of a sudden it had been 5 weeks. Ack!
Well, either way, here we are at 38 weeks. Hopefully Baby Girl will arrive within the next two weeks and not make us wait longer than that. :) I'm definitely ready for her to be here. As you can see above, she is the size of a watermelon. I don't have a recent picture of us, but I will assure you that is an accurate description!
Ok, so let's see where things stand with her impending arrival. I have noticed the past couple of days that she is dropping. I went to the doctor last Monday and was 1 cm. dilated...this Monday I had another appointment, but we were still only 1 cm. I was kinda hoping to have a little bit of progression, but it's ok. I have started walking more, so perhaps that will help.
As you can see above, I finally made a couple things for my little girl. I love to see her name written out. That picture is a burp cloth...we didn't receive a single burp cloth from anyone. Apparently when you have a side business making baby items, people don't get you things like burp cloths. :) (Update: Aunt Cheri and Keith stopped by last night and brought us a gift that included a couple burp cloths. Thank you!) (2nd disclaimer: that wasn't a complaint that we didn't receive any burp cloths...just an observation. We are extremely grateful for every gift that we did receive for sweet Karis.) Here are a couple more things I did for her.And a couple of bibs. Can you tell I'm totally in love with this font? I just kept using it. Unfortunately, these are the only things I have done for her so far...what a horrible mother I am. I've got a list to get done...we'll see how much time I get in the next few weeks. Oh, do you know what else we have been up to? Getting cloth diapers and cleaning them. I know there are plenty of you who think we're crazy or are totally not fans of cloth diapers. However, it is what we are doing...and they are just so stankin' cute. The other day we got them all washed up. I mean, really, aren't they cute?
Did you see the one on the bottom right? So cute, eh? Yeah, a cow print diaper is a prerequisite for a baby whose momma and daddy work for Chick-fil-A. She's gonna look fabulous in it. :)

Ok, now for some fun. Are you ready to see the nursery? There are actually a couple small things that are yet to be done, but it's pretty stankin' we'll show you how we are coming along.
Oh my word. Don't hate, but I have to run. I will put lots more pictures of the nursery up by tomorrow. They are already uploaded even...just need to get the post together. At least you got a peek, right?

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