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26 Weeks

18 May 2011

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 26 Weeks
Size of baby: Eggplant
Total Weight Gain: 17 lbs. (still not sure, I've been weighing very sporadically)
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants, but other than that everything else is normal.
Gender: It's a baby GIRL!!! Karis Ansleigh Williamson
Movement: Yes! She's either doing a tap dance or working on her gymnastics at the moment.
Sleep: Dealing with the occasional bout of insomnia.
What I Miss
: Sleeping on my back...and it's uncomfortable to pick things up off the floor. :)
Cravings: Nothing really.
Symptoms: Feeling good!
Best Moment this Week: All the progress we made on her nursery.

Baby's now the size of an eggplant!
Baby's soaking up your antibodies, getting her immune system ready for life outside the womb. Eyes are forming, and she'll soon be practicing the blink...perfect for batting those freshly grown lashes.

Late again...I know. But...this time I have a really good excuse. Our power cord for our computer completely broke and we didn't get a new one until today. John is out of town for work, he left on Sunday and took our little notebook with him, so I couldn't use that. Then, I went out of town for work first thing Monday morning and just got back a little bit ago. I really wanted to write up a post on Sunday, but the computer issue threw a wrench in my plans.

John and I were super busy this weekend...we got so much done. I'm very proud of us and getting it done, but goodness there is still so much to do. :) We cleaned out her room completely, ripped out the old baseboards, painted the walls, put in new baseboards, put up crown molding, moved in the changer/dresser (the crib was already in there), and moved in a little bookshelf. Outside of just her room, we played musical chairs with furniture in our house moving things from room to room, to adjust to having Baby Girl around. We did major purging/cleaning up in the shed to make more room in there...our foyer is packed with stuff for a trip to Goodwill. I will do another post to show you the progress on the nursery.
Before I leave you tonight...her is a picture of me and Karis at 26 weeks. Did you see my ticker at the top? Did you notice we are down to double digits on days until our sweet little girl gets here?!! Gosh I just cannot wait to meet her.

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