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Nursery Progress 1

21 May 2011

As promised, here is an update of how things are coming along with the nursery. I will continue to update as we get farther along, but for now it's mostly just furniture and paint changes. First things first....let's show you where we started.
It's pretty basic...taupe walls, no frills, just a small bedroom. We started by pulling everything out of the room except her crib, a wonky lamp, and her temporary 'closet.'
Of course there is still stuff in the actual closet, hence the need for her temporary closet. :)
On Friday night I started the painting process by cutting in the first coat while John ripped out the old baseboards. Saturday morning we rolled the first coat and I cut in the second coat, then we went to Home Depot to pick up new baseboards, crown, and a few other things.
The color is aquamarine. I think it looks a lot like a Tiffany Blue or a Robin's Egg Blue. We love it!
Here we are after the crown was put up, the baseboards installed, and both coats of paint done.
Yes, that lamp is totally ghetto. It's getting trashed when we put her new lighting in, for now it's all we have in that room.
And here's a peek at the furniture in the room. You've already seen the crib, but here it is in it's place.
Here is the changer/dresser.
And a look at how they sit in relation to one another in the room.
We are using the same fabric for the curtains as we are for the crib skirt. I stuck it in the crib to get an idea of what the skirt will look like.
This view gives you an idea of how the fabric and curtains compare to the wall color.

Just for fun, how about a few Before and After pics....Before.
There you have it, a glimpse at our Baby Girl's room. What do you think?

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  1. It looks fabulous!!! The bumper pads are going to be perfect!! I can't wait :).


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