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Sweet Baby Girl!

03 April 2011

That's right...Baby Williamson is a GIRL!!! We are so excited and look so forward to meeting our sweet little girl in August.
Once again we have had major issues with our scanner. Grr. John snapped a few pictures of a few of the ultrasound pictures. I am going to take them to work tomorrow to scan them in and will upload all of them after that. The quality is not so great today, but we wanted to show you something. This time we were able to get a ton more pictures from the ultrasound. It really was fantastic...we got to see everything. Her heart has 4 chambers that look good and healthy, we saw her liver, kidneys, bladder; her brain has 2 distinct sides and the brain stem looks really good. She has two hands and two feet, each with five fingers or five toes. She is beautiful and amazing...and we love her so much!
This first one is her profile. You can really see her spine running along the bottom of her back. That blob in front of her face is her hand. She kept putting her hands on her face.
Here is another profile shot. This time her mouth is open. I can't remember whether she was eating or yawning at this point...we saw both going on.

There you have it...the proof that she is a girl. That's her girls gone wild shot with her legs in the air.
Here are her hands. You can't really see the thumbs in these pictures, but they are there, I promise. Isn't that amazing how distinct her hands are already? I love them and I think they are beautiful.
So there is a sneak peek at our little girl. I will hopefully provide you with better quality pictures and more of them tomorrow. John has just left for the next two weeks. I'm sad that he is gone, but hope to get a lot done while he is away. I have a huge stack of orders to catch up on and I need to organize my new sewing area. Yesterday we got my sewing machines moved in to the guest room, to make room for Baby Girl in the nursery. I can hardly wait to get going on putting her room together.


  1. Dear ones,
    She is a beauty!!! I love the picture of her two hands. We are soooo happy for you. I see alot of pink in your future!

  2. It's hard to believe that in a few short months, you will be holding this sweet girl in your arms. We are beyond excited!! Love you all.


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