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03 March 2011

I may have misspoken at some point earlier, I believe I accidentally referred to our appointment from yesterday as being a sonogram. That was incorrect. It was really just a doppler device that she put on my belly to hear the heartbeat. Either way, still equally exciting to hear little Williamson's heart beating, but I wanted to correct myself for anyone who may have thought it was something more. Our appointment was very, very short (like 10 minutes), so I don't have a whole lot to report. We were able to hear the sweet heartbeat. She said it was about 150 beats per minute. We also could hear movement from the baby...our little one is still quite active.

We did get some news from our doctor which leaves me conflicted. I really love our doctor, she's actually been my doctor for about 2 years, from our first pre-conception exam to my yearly exams, she's been the one that I have gone to. Well, when we went yesterday they gave us notice that she and her husband are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia and will be leaving the practice at the end of June. On one hand, I am over the moon excited for her and her husband. I am such a HUGE fan of adoption and am elated that she will be getting a baby of her own...and soon. In fact, they are traveling to Ethiopia next week when they will get to meet their sweet girl for the first time. I have known from the start that this practice, like most ob practices, rotates through doctors and that my doctor may not have been the one who actually delivers our baby. After 20 weeks we start rotating through the other doctors in the practice so that we get comfortable with them, but I always liked that chances were greatest that our sweet doctor would be the one to walk us through delivery and to the end. I know that the other doctors in the practice are fantastic, and I hope that we get just as comfortable with someone else. It's just a little sad knowing that Dr. Harrington will not be with us through to the end. After the adoption they will be moving to Rochester, so we won't see her again. I couldn't be happier for her family, however.

Ok, on to other news. We scheduled our next appointment yesterday...this will be our next and final ultrasound. This will also be the appointment that tells us whether Baby Williamson is a boy or a girl. Oh, I can hardly wait to see our baby again and to know whether baby is a he or a she. This appointment is Friday, April 1.

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  1. Happy and sad news at the same time. I'm sure God has a wonderful doctor in mind to bring little Williamson into this world. So glad you got to hear the heartbeat, that's something we never got to do. Love you!!


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