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27 February 2011

Well here they are...the long-awaited pictures of Baby Williamson. Woo hoo! As I told you after our first appointment, Baby was super happy and moving all over the place, but she didn't get any snapshots of the profile or that. So, this is what we've got. The first one reminds me of baby playing hide-and-seek or being shy because he/she knew the paparazzi was in action.
So you can see this is Baby's back. I think they are pretty easy to decipher, but in case not, I will guide you through it. Obviously the head is on the left. Then we've got the body with little arms and legs. Poor baby's left arm just fell off and is floating below. Just kidding. Then his little froggy legs are pulled up at the bottom. You'll see more about the froggy legs below.
Baby's body is to the right and, for the most part, out of view in this shot. But, you can see our little one's frog legs that he was kicking away.
So, there you have it...Baby Williamson. There will be more pictures in about a month...and our 15 week update tomorrow.

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  1. Such a miracle. Thanks for the explanation, we couldn't quite figure out the second one :)!!


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