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20 January 2011

Well, we had our first doctor appointment today. Like I said before, it was just a nurse and insurance appointment, so it wasn't overly exciting, but there were a few points of interest. First we met with the insurance lady, who was just about the nicest person who deals with insurance that I have ever met. She was extremely helpful and super kind. I am so very happy that Bubba was able to go with me. This is the part of the appointment that he would be most interested in, and honestly, all the numbers were more than I could process in one sitting. It was good that he could ask specific questions, and receive an answer to his liking. Had I just translated what she shared with me, if I had been alone, he would have been in the dark on things. I think we were both pleasantly surprised that it seems as though this whole process won't cost quite as much as we had originally expected. Of course, we are still going to budget high, as there are a few tests that she was unsure whether or not they would go towards the deductible. Anyway, I'm moving on...cause insurance is a boring subject.
Next, we went in for the 'nurse' part. I had no idea what to expect here...a nurse visit makes me think perhaps an exam, but no, not today. The nurse went through family medical history with both of tons of information and gave us quite a bit of information. At the end, she was ready to dismiss me to head to the lab to get some tests run. When she left the room for a minute, I whispered to John, "I wish she would give me a test and say for certain that we are, in fact, pregnant." He said, "Oh, I'm so glad you said that. Me too!" So when the nurse came back in we asked if the lab was going to confirm the pregnancy and she said no. So, we sweet talked her and asked her to ease our minds and just give us a definite yes. She was more than happy to oblige. So, we did a quick test, she came back in and said, "you are definitely pregnant!" I know that may seem silly to want confirmation...but with our history, it just really put us at ease. I know there have been plenty of symptoms and I have now missed 2 cycles, but something about the doctor telling you for sure, makes it all feel better.
The one thing that came as the biggest surprise to me today was a slight change in dates. She said our due date is August 25. That date being a few days later, honestly, didn't surprise me that much. However, when she told me that I will be 9 weeks tomorrow, I was surprised. As you know, I thought we were 9 weeks as of Monday. That stuff is confusing...and she said, I could probably pull a different calendar/circle thingy out and it would tell me something different entirely. She said that when we have our meeting with the OB and the ultrasound in 2 weeks that we would be given a definite date. The slight change in dates doesn't make a bit of difference to us...we are just ridiculously excited by this blessing.
That's my update for now. So, I guess keep thinking of Baby Williamson as being a Baby Olive for a few more days. :) Our next appointment, which is the really fun one is 2 weeks from today.
Until next time...


  1. I am going to really like these updates, it's almost like I'm sitting at your table with a cup of tea, getting the full update on things :)! Love ya!

  2. This post was read with a smile on my face and in my heart. God is so faithful, and I bless Him for giving you this gift of life!!! We are so happy for you three!
    much love


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