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Sweet Swing Top

08 December 2010

Remember this picture I showed you yesterday?
Here is the total package...
I'm just so in love with this outfit. I think it's so stankin' cute! This is for my sweet friend Kendra's little girl, Kennedy. She wanted pink and green...and she wanted an outfit that Kennedy could wear all winter long, not just for Christmas. Totally wise, if you ask me. If you're going to invest money in a quality custom outfit, might as well get more use out of it. That's part of why I decided to make the ghost dresses reversible. Remember those?!
I absolutely love this top! I hope to make many more. So, if you're interested...I'm taking orders!?! I think it would be so cute in the spring and summer with a pair of capri ruffle pants. You'll see in another picture that I paired a long-sleeved shirt under this outfit.
Now, for a few details that I really love about this outfit. First of all, the double ruffle, especially with the coordinating fabric from the top.
Also, something you can't see from the exterior vantage point...the lining. Because we live in the mountains and it's ridiculously cold during the winter and I knew this outfit was only going to be worn during the winter, I lined the pants with flannel.
I also paired it with one of the snowgirl clips, like I made a ton of last year. She matches the little snowgirl on the front of the bodice so perfectly, don't you think?!
So, that is my super cute winter outfit that I just made for sweet Kennedy. I love it...and look forward to making more outfits similar to this. Interested in getting one?

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  1. Love the idea about the flannel lining!! And look at those perfectly serged seams :). Great job - the doulbe ruffle looks great!


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