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20 December 2010

For the record I had to look up the lyrics to that song cause I could not figure out how to write tweet-a-leet-a-leet, tweetlee-tweet-a-leet...ha! Back to other recent reversible a-line dress...which speaking of, I need to come up with a cute name for that dress. Anyone have any ideas?
So, here's the dress. This side is a sweet lime-y green corduroy. The straps and bias tape are a fuchsia and raspberry design. I love these colors's like a fantastic raspberry-limeade.
The monogram is in that same raspberry color.
And here is the other side.
Oh my word! Isn't that fabric fabulous!?! Oh, I can hardly stand how cute it is. I've actually had it for months, but haven't used it until now.
That strap/bias tape fabric ended up being the perfect coordinate. It's definitely not from the same line, I'm not even sure who makes the pink fabric. The birds is a Michael Miller piece. It all just works so well together.
I've got lots of this birdie case you're interested in something. Let me know. If not, seriously, isn't that dress ridiculous cute?!

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  1. I'm wondering how I just realized you had a blog. I LOVE these cute dresses! You. Are. Great.


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