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Rainy Days and Mondays

19 December 2010

I am just loving the reversible a-line dress. You may remember I made some a few months ago, here. Well, I made a couple more recently and I just adore them. Here is the 'front' of one. It's a super cute pinky, coral-ish corduroy.
I did the monogram in an avocado-y green. I just love that 'G'...isn't it gorgeous?
And here's a little more detail of top. You can see the coordinating print that makes up the straps and the bias tape on the bottom too.
Here's a view of the reverse side...umbrellas! I absolutely love this fabric. I've used it before, but you haven't seen it. I made Addyson some capri pants and an umbrella top for her birthday several months ago, but never got pictures. Fail. Isn't this the sweetest fabric?!
More detail of the bottom. Oh...those colors and those! These are both Riley Blake fabrics from the Rainy Days and Mondays line...if you're interested. (And in case you wanted to get a little Karen Carpenter in your her!)
I think I'll wait and post on my other new dress tomorrow...give you something to look forward to! Until then...

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  1. Sooo cute - love that font! The umbrellas are adorable.


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