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09 October 2010

Well I figure I better get to work on posting more often or no one is ever going to follow me again. Normally I like to post in order of the way things happen in life, or the way orders come in. But, since I haven't shown you anything cute in a while, I'm gonna switch it all up. For instance, I still haven't blogged about the baby shower I threw for Heather or our trip to Boston. But, I'm in the mood to show you some cute orders over the next couple of days. So I'll get to those things eventually...until then an outfit.
My friend Kendra's baby girl, Kennedy, just turned 1. Kendra asked me if I would do a birthday outfit for her. A couple months ago when Just Ducky had their big warehouse sale she picked up a plain white top and pants, she passed those on to me to 'dress up' for the outfit. When I sat down and talked with Kendra about what she wanted for Kennedy's outfit she said "Pink, Pink, Pink!" So, I took this outfit home and said that I would work some magic and jazz it up. We decided that she wanted a 1 with a crown like I have done for a couple other birthdays, as she was having a princess party too. And, of course, Kennedy's name would be on the top. Then she was thinking, perhaps put some ribbon or rick-rack on the white pants to give them a little something. In hindsight I wish I had taken a before picture of the outfit, but I did not. So I'll start by showing you her top.
Both Kendra and Kennedy are girly-girls, so I thought you can never go wrong with pom-poms for a girly-girl, right? So, on to the pants. I decided to gamble big where the pants were concerned. I knew that she was going to have professional pictures of Kennedy made in this outfit, and I had an inkling that the background would be solid white, as it is with most picture places. And, I kept thinking about how Kendra wanted PINK, PINK, PINK. So I didn't touch the white pants. I made her a new pair of pink, pink flounce pants.
Not bad, eh? Well it turns out Kendra absolutely LOVED it! Kennedy looked super cute, of course. But, I think it's a pretty cute outfit, here it is altogether.
I told her we could do something cute with the white pants for Christmas, so perhaps you'll see them in the future. We'll see.

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