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10 October 2010

We've got some friends who are expecting Baby! Well, kinda. I'm actually posting this today in hopes that the baby comes today and forever has the birthday 10-10-10...cause that would be awesome. Actually, mom was due on Friday...and I believe will be induced on Monday if baby is a no-show before then. Anyway, I digress...
Since this is Baby #2 for them, that's means their little guy Chase is going to be a big brother. (They are not finding out what the baby is until he/she makes his/her big arrival into the world). So a week or so ago, mom asked me to make a 'big brother' shirt for Chase. However, Chase LOVES sports, especially football, so she wanted a sports themed big brother shirt. The only thing she specifically requested was royal blue. Chase has got the most beautiful big blue eyes and this tee is going to look so great on him!
This is the first time I've incorporated a theme into a sibling shirt, and I've got to say it's pretty fun. I think Chase is going to be a fabulous big brother and couldn't be happier for the family. Can't wait to meet Baby #2!

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