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You're My Brother, You're My Friend

13 July 2010

I recently had the opportunity to make a sibling set for two little boys who are about have a new little sister. I absolutely loved this project. I grew up as the baby sister of two older brothers and just loved it. If I could pick an order to have children in, I would pick exactly that...of course, we don't get to pick. But, I enjoyed being the only girl and having 2 older brothers so much. So, this was a special project to me.
I also love the colors, the designs, I love it all.
Here's another look at baby girl's onesie.
I've never met the mama, but the girl who asked me to do this order sent me a link to her website. It's super cute! You should check it out here. She's got some really cute things.
I hope she enjoys this little sibling set...and I'm sure those boys are just going to be in love with their baby sister when she gets here.

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