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Some More Tees

11 July 2010

A week or so ago I showed you a new cute little tee I made, well, I've been doing a few more of those. I thought I'd show them to you. Once again I have to apologize for bad pictures. We are in the process of getting a new camera and I can hardly wait to take fabulous pictures for you when I get it...but until then, well it's just not that great. The other problem is when I'm trying to run out the door and realize I haven't taken any pics yet, so I throw the items somewhere and quickly snap a shot....this does not make for good pictures...and this would be the case with all of the below. I digress.
I'm a big fan of this frame. It's somewhat hard to tell, but it's got tons of tiny little dots surrounding it....they're cute.
I also did a matching set for some sweet little twin girls. Of course, this is the worst picture. The tees are actually purple, even though they look pretty blue here.
And finally one for sweet Kennedy, she's the little girl of a friend from work. The hanger is making this tee look whomper-jawed, but at least you get the picture.
This is a better look. I really liked this tee. I love how girly and playful the two different pinks are against each other.
These tees are a lot of fun to do. I'm happy to make one for you!

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  1. I love these little monograms - the dots are too cute. Another great job :)!


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