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27 June 2010

Recently I was asked to take some plain bibs and make them cute for little Claire. I did a mix of monograms and names...and had fun with it. So, here you go...(oh and by the way, some of these are really poor quality pictures, my apologies)
My little birdie is back again. It's been a while since I've used her, but I love her every single time. I did this in the same lavender seersucker and avocado green that I used on Addyson's birthday dress. I'm loving those colors together right now.
She asked specifically for one bib to be in red. I went back and forth with what to do on this one, then settled on just stitching and not adding a fabric for the applique. I knew she wanted it to match a few things specifically and was afraid some of the other colors in the fabrics might throw that off. I like the monogram in the frame just stitched out.
This picture is by far the worst, but it's the best I got....2 shades of pink.
It's been a big month for bibs...more to come soon.

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