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14 June 2010

I got a big order from one of my regular customers, and I had so much fun with it. I had very few limitations with this order. There were 6 bibs total, 5 of them for boys and 1 girl. I had all their names but one...and color choices for the girl. So, here's what I came up, something different for everyone.
Charles got 2, so we'll start with him. First is a little steamboat.
Next is a new font I got from Lynnie Pinnie. I'm calling it my sky-writer...and I think it's pretty cute. What do you think? You'll see it again soon on another post.
Joel got another new font I got from Lynnie's a cute caterpillar with a letter in each dot. I like this font, but I'll start using more plain or solid color fabrics for the spots, as it is such a small applique, it can easily distract from the letters in the name. Either way I still like it.
Knox...what a cute name! Like I said, I don't anything about this babies or I was just picking things. I figured if your name is Knox, then tractors have to be ok, right? Honestly, there's no rational there...but I still think it's cute. (The way that part of the bib is folded under it looks off-center, but I's not). :)
Now for sweet Savannah. I was told that Savannah wants pink, brown, and ivory. So, I gave them pink, brown, and ivory. I love this frame...I plan to use it a lot. Cute, no?
My last little boy doesn't have a name yet. The only thing I was told is that his mom is a pilot for I took that and ran with it. It's brown corduroy...and I did my best to recreate the UPS symbol. Not too shabby. Actually, I really love this might be my favorite from the group.
So there's my bib order. Likes? Dislikes?

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