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Lil' Rocket

28 April 2010

I got to do a custom order for a little girl whose brother plays baseball for one of our high schools. I had so much fun with this. Reynolds colors are green and gold...and they are the rockets. Michelle gave me some direction as to what she wanted on the shirt and I did a little of my own design. Actually, the overall design took me quite a while. I wanted it to look cute and not just like a ton of things all over a shirt...and I'm really happy with the final result. I hope she is too!
There is also design on the back of the shirt. Her brother is John Nick and his number is 21.
She had a skort that she wanted the shirt to match, I decided to embellish it with a little matching rick-rack. I adore rick-rack.
Another back view of the whole thing.
I made a pair of flounce pants to match them for games when the weather is today. :) However, I'm really not sure what I think about this pair of pants. I used a pattern that I haven't used before and I don't think they came out all that great. The rise doesn't seem to be long enough, which then makes the leg inseam look too long. Given that I don't have a little person at my house to throw things on for testing purposes, I'm dependent on others to do that for me. I compared the inseam with another pair of pants I have here and it doesn't appear to be too long, however the rise is just so short. It's like a mini version of low rise pants. But, I'm gonna let Lauren be my 'tester' to let me know how much I need to correct them.
I made a bow to match the whole she-bang, then when I went to glue it together I discovered I'm out of clips. Boo hiss.
Anyway, I hope Michelle likes this little outfit, I'm certain Lauren will look super cute cheering her brother on at his games.

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  1. You are amazing and your stuff keeps getting better and better. It's adorable!!


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