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16 April 2010

Wow, I had so much to share with you before I left for Guatemala, but things got so busy before I left that I never got to post. So, I will take the next few posts to share it all...I even created a 'tutorial' of sorts (that is totally for you, Aunt Deb). But first things first, this is an order I did right before Easter. It was a set of 3 towels for a sweet customer's grandchildren...they were headed to the beach for Spring Break.
Honestly, I'm not in the love with them. I was so busy I really had to speed through that order, but she seemed to be happy. Next, little Claire was born on St. Patrick's Day and her mommy had me monogram a few things for her. This is probably the thickest, fluffiest, coziest blanket I have ever worked with. I loved it.
Claire's big brother was having a birthday on March 29th, so I thought he needed a birthday shirt. I have a little soft spot for March birthdays. :) Also, I really like doing birthday shirts...I did a couple last year in June and September for Addyson and Cade. They are a lot of fun! I did another one the day before Easter, but I'll have to track down a picture.
So, if I can find a pic of Lauren's bday tee, I'll share it with you. That was about half of my orders the week before Easter, I also had a few random other things that I didn't take pictures of. Then of course Easter Sunday night we left for I haven't done all that much since I got back. However, I'm already back to work. So more to come.

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