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29 April 2010

Tonight John went to play golf with a few buddies, so I was home by myself for the evening. So, I took advantage of the time and whipped myself up a little dress. I guess I should rewind a bit. I have 2 dresses that are exactly the same, different colors and designs, but same dress. I bought them at Kohl's several years ago, maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I LOVE these dresses...they are incredibly comfortable. However, they are quite worn after this long. One of them is black, and we all know black fades pretty badly, so it's just almost embarrassing every time I wear it, but I just love it. I'm definitely a function-over-fashion kinda girl and the comfort level of these dresses trumps anything else. Anyway, lately I've been giving some consideration to making a new version of the dress for myself, but have been a little intimidated by the thought.
The dress is shirred, which is something I had never done until this point either. So, I bit the bullet and went for it...and I'm so glad I did. I am so happy with this dress.
I decided to add pockets to the sides. They're just a little something extra. When I had the original design in my head, I was going to add them to the front. However, after I got the dress sewn and tried it on, I really liked the drape of the front and thought the pockets would thwart that. So, I opted to put them on the sides. Here's a close up of the pockets.
Here's a close-up of the shirring. This is so much easier than I ever expected it to be. It's definitely a casual look, but I really like it.
I have really enjoyed making clothes for myself, I think I might be slightly addicted. But, I'm happy to be overcoming the fear I've had of making bigger clothes. I'm not intimidated to make things for children, but it feels different to make clothes for adults. A few months ago someone asked me to make her bridesmaids' dresses. I once honored for sure, but also felt as though I might throw up from the pressure. I took a long time to make the decision as to whether or not I would be ok doing them. I knew that she was going for a somewhat unconventional look and there were only 2 bridesmaids. She ended up finding some dresses she liked, so I didn't have to make them...but it caused me to realize I had a fear of making big people clothes. I remember talking to my mom about it on the phone one day and she said, "they're just bigger." It seemed so simple, but she's right. I feel as though there's a good chance I'll be making more clothes for myself in the future.

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  1. As always, I'm amazed by your talent :). Can't wait to see this in person. Great job.


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