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Sweet Baby James

16 March 2010

Our sweet little nephew James just recently turned 3. We weren't able to make it to Charlotte the weekend of his birthday because John had a retreat for work, so we went over this past weekend for a bit. I made him a couple shirts...and now I will show you.
First is a little anchor...getting ready for summer.
I also did a football tee. This one is actually a reverse's my first reverse applique and I really like it. I think I'm going to be doing more of this soon. You'll see the fabric is underneath the shirt, then I cut the actual shirt to reveal the design. What do you think?
Disclaimer: I ran an iron over this shirt after I stitched it, then immediately took the picture. The iron dripped a bit of water and I was in a hurry, so you can see that in the pic...please excuse. :)

Here's one more tee I made a couple weeks ago, but hadn't shared with you yet. Cute pirate ship for a little boy. I really like this design.
I've got several projects in the after this weekend I should have lots of pics to show you. I really like having inspires me all the more. Busyness in crafting invokes more I love it.

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