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06 March 2010

I felt when I first started this blog that every post I did had to revolve around crafts...and with that I felt some level of pressure to sew something different all the time. In some ways it pushed me to create more, but in some ways it also made it a chore. The farther along I get in this journey, the more I realize it doesn't have to be something new I've sewn every single post. If it was, I would be setting myself up for failure. So, today I thought I'd share with you about some books I've read lately. Perhaps, you've got some to share with me too? If you know me, you know that I do love Nicholas Sparks. I went on a NS binge over Christmas break, reading some for the first time and others were a second run through.
True Believer
At First Sight
Dear John (way better than the movie)
The Choice
The Lucky One
Lately my sweet friend Heather and I have been swapping books and I have absolutely loved it. I have secretly always wanted to be in a book this is like a mini version of that. Through her incredible library of books, I discovered another author I really like, Sophie Kinsella. She writes the Shopaholic series, but more than that a couple other books of hers I just loved. They are hysterical!
The Undomestic Goddess
Can You Keep a Secret?
They are so stankin funny.
Also, I picked up a light, fun read for my trip to CA. It ended up being the perfect length for my flight out there.
Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict
I bought NS' The Last Song to read on the way home, but with John with me on that flight we did more talking than I did by myself, so I really didn't read it. I do often find myself reading non-fiction as well. For just under a year or so I've been reading a lot on food...making conscience choices, understanding what is in our food, metabolism, etc. Just recently I read a couple more on the subject.
The Metabolic Typing Diet
The Stubborn Fat Fix
The Metabolism Miracle
A few that I highly recommend that I've read over the past several months include:
Master Your Metabolism
What to Eat?
Food, Inc. (I'm really interested in seeing this movie and haven't read all of that book).

So all of this begs the question, what are you reading?

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