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28 on 28

28 March 2010

Today is my golden birthday. I am 28 on the 28th! It's been a pretty yucky day outside, but we've had a nice day...simple and nice. I had to work this morning at church, so we did our typical Sunday routine. After church John and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, a fabulous Thai place. Oh gosh, it's so good. Tamarind Thai off of Airport Road for all you Asheville folks.
Then we came home and took a little nap, cause that's what you do on Sundays, especially when it's pouring rain outside. After that I finished a few projects. I had to stitch out a couple more Easter basket liners for someone at church and hem little Cade's pants for Easter. So, we delivered those items to church then headed out to dinner. Dinner was another of our favorite restaurants...Papa's and Beer. Oh how I love that place. Now we're back home and winding down. John is in the dining room working on taxes and I'm looking around online thinking about some upcoming projects. That was my day, how was yours?

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