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13 February 2010

I'm not sure why, but lately we have been so busy...even more than usual. It seems like most nights in the past few weeks we've had something to do or have stayed late at work. Even this coming week we have several things going on and John leaves early Friday morning for California. I'm so very proud of him...but I'll talk more about that later on.
First, I know it's way past the Super Bowl but here's a peek at the jerseys that I ripped apart and sewed back together. Let's just say it was quite a chore at times. Although these jerseys were the same size, they most definitely were not the same size, cut, placement.
They really don't photograph well on a hanger, they are just too large for that. I guess I should have had Bubba throw them on and model. Although in reality it doesn't make that big a difference. So here's the 2 finished products from the front view. The center looks like it's sagging more than it is because they are too big on the hangers.
Here is the rear view. This was the labor of love. The names were definitely not centered (who am I kidding, the numbers weren't even centered), but the names were crazy. After much frustration I decided it was ok if they had a little bit of a turn from the numbers to the names. So, that was my Super Bowl project last week.
I did also make this Valentine's Day shirt for Addyson. I think Valentine's is so much fun for kids...I can hardly wait for us to have some of our own so we can have fun on all the holidays. Addy looked pretty darn cute in this shirt too.
Sunday is our 5th Valentine's Day together, but since it's a Sunday that means I will be working. We actually have a really big day, it's our big monthly outreach for students. I'm pretty excited, I think it's going to be fabulous. I digress. While it is our 5th Valentine's day together, this is the very first time we are going on a date for VD. I'm pretty excited. We really don't get caught up in the crazyness of the day, but I do find it to be a fun excuse to do something sweet. So, tonight we are going to see VD the movie, then to PF Chang's for dinner. It should be a lot of fun.

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