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18 December 2009

I'm already back with an update. I just had to because it already looks so different than it did a couple hours ago when I first posted. It's still coming down. Around 2 today it's supposed to pick up stronger again and not stop snowing that hard through the night. In fact we're looking at the potential of snow for the next few days. Can you even stand it?
Bubba text me a little bit ago. Chick-Fil-A closed at 10:30 today. Woo hoo! Bubba had an appt. to get to, but he should be home in probably an hour or so. I love to sit at home on a snowy pretty day with my love.
However, until then I have to get back to cleaning. Karen and Rod are coming into town tonight (pray they have safe travels). We're pretty excited for them to get here. Still haven't watched my movie and laundry are calling me. Perhaps when Bubba gets home we'll watch it together. Oh, for a fireplace!

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