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One Last Glimpse of the Show

17 December 2009

I was about to write another post and realized I had some pictures from my craft fair, so that I can show you what my table looked like. (This was during the camera debacle, so we just got a few). This is what my table looked like, to the left of this I had my clothes rack with all the onesies and shirts hanging...and a couple more hooded towels.Just another glimpse at some bibs and burp cloths.
This is my pirate hooded towel hanging on the end of the clothes rack. This one went pretty quickly. :)
Some of the kitchen towels...more hooded towels...and a purse among other things.
The board of hair clips.
Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of everything...but that's a good look. So that'll probably be it for craft show posts.

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