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09 November 2009

I didn't really have much to post last week for a few reasons. 1) It was a super busy week at work, 2) I spent a lot of time embroidering jackets for Chick-Fil-A for John, 3) I was getting ready for Cameron's birthday and couldn't post pictures before her actual birthday, so that they would be a surprise. So, alas, here are Cameron's birthday presents.

First, is this raspberry shirt with my little birdie on it. I did it in a black/white damask and dots. It's quite mod...but I like it. The shirt has little silver dots on it, so the outside stitching is in silver also.
Next is the owl. This is the first time I've done the owl this size...I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. And I like it on the striped shirt. I'm trying to break the mold of typical applique shirts by putting them in different places on the shirt and on shirts that aren't just plain. I like it.
This is a really horrible picture, but I wanted to show you. I made these monogrammed button hair ties for her also. Cameron is 5 now, so she doesn't wear bows as much, but cute hair accessories are still up for grabs! I'm going to do some of these for the craft fair too. Lastly, I decided that I needed to do a bag (at the last minute) to put all the gifts in. I drew this quickly and did the applique on my sewing machine. It's certainly not perfect, but I really like this fabric. It's a new one I got a few weeks ago.
So, there you have it...Cameron's birthday presents. I can't believe she's 5 years old. I was reminiscing about my sweet niece the night before we left for Charlotte. I can remember the first time I ever met her. She was about 18 months old...she was waddling around with big fat cheeks, those huge blue eyes, hardly a hair on her head, but cute as she could be. I think I fell for her right away...and she has continued to bring so much joy to our lives since that day.
Cameron, I am so privileged to be your aunt. I look forward to watching you as you continue to grow; I look forward to seeing what God has in store for your future; you are a blessing; you are a joy. I love you. -Aunt Kate

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