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16 November 2009

I've just about got all my other projects out of the way so that for the next few weeks all my attention can be devoted to the craft fair. I'm thinking I'll be finished with them by this's to hoping. Anyway, this is a little tee for the craft fair. I just did that little bird on a long-sleeved pink tee.
And here's another one with a snowflake. I figure snowflakes can be worn all winter and aren't quite as exclusive as Christmas shirts can sometimes be, although I'm sure I'll do some of those too.
This is the majority of an order I am filling. It's for a new little baby named Addison. I've got one more to get done. The A is the same fabric as the birdie. She'll be cute.
And here are some hair clips I whipped up tonight. I just love the snowgirl one...she's so cute with her sweet little eyelashes. I'm going to be doing a lot of these in the next few weeks.
So, that's what I've done lately. I'm going to be stitching out some of my designs that I've digitized this week...I'm pretty excited about that.

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