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25 October 2009

Lately, I've been on a pretty big organization kick. I went through and re-organized everything in my craft room the other day. And slowly, I'm trying to work my way through closets. We both collected so much stuff before we got married, then we just combined 2 houses of stuff...and have continued to collect more stuff for the past 2 years. Alas, it's time to break the chain. Our linen closet was totally overrun by some things that we really don't use, but also aren't ready to get rid of. We could probably get some good use out of some of these things at a future house. So, we bought some of those vacuum-seal bags that squish your stuff down like crazy.
Here's our before. This is a super thick, plush queen size comforter.
Here is the after. I also added 3 sets of sheets and pillowcases plus 2 blankets. I'd say it did a pretty good job. If I had everything folded the same way, it would have gotten even smaller. But, we're happy with this and the space it'll save. Besides that, it was pretty cool watching everything squish down.
I also have several old bibs from when I first started embroidery. They are ok, but they're not my favorite, so I thought I would put several different designs on them to put them out at the craft fair. Here's a flower applique.
And this is just a ducky embroidery. I've been doing so much applique lately, that I wanted to just stitch something out. I think he's pretty cute. He reminds me of Little Suzy's Zoo, which I totally loved when I was younger.

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