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09 October 2009

Fall...she is finally poking her little head through the green...and she's as beautiful as ever. As promised, I took a drive around town and grabbed some pictures of her progress. I will do this again in a couple weeks, as obviously we have not hit peak yet. But the transition is just as pretty. And I thought you wouldn't mind to see it, especially you Florida folks.

First stop was at the church. I had to run up there to get some things set-up for a football team we're feeding today. Isn't it starting to look so good?

This is the edge of the church property. This is where you can see she's really showing off her mustards and yellows. Aren't these trees gorgeous? I used to live down this road in the other direction, just about 1/8 mile, before John and I got married. I passed this way yesterday and knew I had to come back today so I could get a picture to share with you. This is a little ways down that same street. You can see the first row of trees in the bottom right corner of this picture. I just love these trees. There's something about fall that stirs up a nostalgia in another time, a time I didn't necessarily know. I feel as though there should be little boys with holes in the knees of their pants playing with toads and running down this street. And little girls with corduroy jumpers with braids and pigtails in their hair playing hopscotch. It's reminiscence of days past....when life was simpler and smaller. It's beautiful. For those of you who are unaware: orange was created for autumn. The color orange never looks quite as good as it does in October. Isn't it just so pretty when it's the fiery shade too?. I love this vine. This is a perfect picture of what fall looks like right now. Soon she'll be a beautiful blanket of mustard, orange, terra cotta, burnt sienna, cranberry, and chocolate goodness. But right now she's a beautiful scarf that you want to throw on with a shirt and a pair of jeans and know that even though it's simple, you'll still look fabulous. I'm excited for her to drape herself across the mountains...but the road to getting there is just as exciting.

Before going home, I went up to the parkway to snap a couple shots. If you look closely you'll see those beautiful colors nestled comfortably in the green, just waiting to burst forth in all their glory.
Here's one more from the parkway, overlooking the river. Back to the house. Here's a little bit of our front yard. I love that deep cranberry color we've got. I put my fall wreath on the door today. A week or two ago I decorated the inside of the house, but I haven't done anything yet outside. I've got the hankering to go buy some pumpkins...and mums...and hay bales. We'll see what I come up with. And here's a glimpse at the pretties we have in our backyard. That's the quick tour around town today. I promise to share more with you in the next couple of weeks.

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