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24 October 2009

I realized that I never posted pictures from our weekend in Charlotte a couple weeks ago. On Saturday we went to one of Cameron's soccer games. They did a great job. It did rain a bit, but the girls were total troopers and played through it all.
#6 is our girl. Look at her hustle.
Later that day we went to a huge toy store that was having an even bigger sale. There were tons of toys in every direction. A child's dream. But this was, by far, my favorite display. The realm of possibilities here is endless. Little girls can slip into the world of Oz as Dorothy or don a feather boa and become a fabulous singer. Boys can slip on a cowboy hat and be the hero of a wild west tale or rule as the sheriff in town. So much imagination is laying there just waiting to be seized up. Perhaps, even the anticipation of stepping into another world is enough to bring just a bit of joy along the way.

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