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Boo Hiss

30 September 2009

I'd love to be posting fabulous pictures of all the new things I've been doing...but unfortunately I cannot. A few nights ago I tried to dump some new pictures from our camera on to the computer, and realized that the battery in our camera has died. Well, we have looked high and low and cannot seem to find the charger for the we can't use our camera. Stink E. Pete. I do hope one day soon to be able to document our simple, small lives on camera and share it with you, but alas today is not the day.

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  1. Kate and Bubba!!! :) I am so happy you have a blog! And, girl, are you TALENTED!!! I am so impressed with your is awesome! That is a bummer about your camera. :(

    Well I love ya'll and miss you very much!! I'm happy to be able to keep up with your very impressive work through blogs! :) Love you sweet cousin!! :)


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